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Pianist Luis González Lladó

Preludio de Lindaraja / Lindaraja's Prelude

For Piano

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Like a good handful of works in my catalog -and that of many Spanish and Latin American composers-, such as Rosa engalanada, Movimiento compuesto, Nada te turbe and the Soneto Quasi una Fantasia, this work arises from a proposal by Luciano González Sarmiento, consistent in that a large number of authors wrote a small piano piece to form part of a collection entitled Preludes for a young pianist, all of them dedicated to his son, Luis González Lladó.
In a very different way from my usual way of composing, Lindaraja's Prelude is, broadly speaking, a descriptive work with a certain plot line: "A thick morning fog prevents us from seeing the patio that Lindaraja's viewpoint overlooks in the Alhambra, where the Sultana is leaning out. Little by little the fog lifts, accompanied by Albenician resonances on the piano, and when daylight fills the room, the Sultan enters, represented by the quote in the low register from Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade. The piece -necessarily brief- ends there, and what would come now is open to the listener's imagination... ".
Lindaraja's Prelude was premiered by its dedicatee, Luis González Lladó, at the International Music Festival Summer 2019 in Varna (Bulgaria) in June 2019. He also starred the recording of the CD "Preludios para un joven pianista", published by the label IBS Classical in 2022.

Cover and back cover of the CD Preludes
for a young pianist
(IBS Classical, 2022)

Likewise, the pianist Ana Benavides included Lindaraja's Prelude in the CD "Diálogos concertados", published by the Bassus Ediciones label in 2021.

Coveer of the CD "Diálogos concertados", in which the recording
of Lindaraja's Prelude is included (Bassus Ediciones, 2021)

First page of Lindaraja's Prelude


Recording: Luis González Lladó

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(Score without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )