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Portrait of Santa Teresa painted by Jan Narduck
(Fray Juan de la Miseria, 1526-1616)

Nada te turbe / Let nothing disturb you (On a poem by Santa Teresa de Jesús)

For Reciter and Piano



Like a good handful of works in my catalogue, Nada te turbe (Let nothing disturb you) was written at the suggestion of the versatile Luciano González Sarmiento, who managed to “provoke” a group of six composers (Eduardo Soto Millán, Francisco Novel Sámano, Alfredo Rugeles, Tomás Marco, Carlos Cruz de Castro and myself) to write an equal number of melologues for reciter and piano on texts by Santa Teresa de Jesús, in commemoration in 2015 of the V Centenary of her birth.
The selected texts were both poetic and from mystical works. For my melologue I chose the beautiful poem entitled Let nothing disturb you, a prayer actually, which apparently the Santa had handwritten on a piece of paper to mark the pages of her breviary.

Santa Teresa's manuscript
of the first stanza of the poem

The music follows the structure of the poem and the contrasting character of its ten stanzas, which range from the mystical to the gloomy -in reference to hell- going through the ecstatic, as it could not be less coming from Santa Teresa.

Program of the premiere of Let nothing disturb you
(Alba de Tormes, June 7, 2015)

Marisa Blanes and Manuel Galiana, in Alba de Tormes concert (June 7, 2015)

Let nothing disturb you was premiered, together with the other commissioned works, in the concert entitled "Melologues in honor of Santa Teresa", held on June 7, 2015 at the Teatro de la Villa "Santiago y San Marcos" in Alba de Tormes (Salamanca), performed by the actor Manuel Galiana and the pianist Marisa Blanes, who were also protagonists of the recording released that same year by the IBS Classical label.

Cover and back cover of the CD "Melologues in honor
of Santa Teresa" (IBS Classical, 2015)

The score, along with that of the other premiered works, was published in 2015 by Enlaces Sonoros Editorial.

(Score available at www.asesores-musicales.com )

Greetings af the end of the concert

With Manuel Galiana and Marisa Blanes, after the concert

Recording: Manuel Galiana (reciter) and Marisa Blanes (piano) (fragment)

First page of Let nothing disturb you


Nada te turbe / Let nothing disturb you

Nada te turbe,
nada te espante,
todo se pasa,
Dios no se muda;
la paciencia
todo lo alcanza;
quien a Dios tiene
nada le falta:
Sólo Dios basta.

Eleva tu pensamiento,
al cielo sube,
por nada te acongojes,
nada te turbe.

A Jesucristo sigue
con pecho grande,
y, venga lo que venga,
nada te espante.

¿Ves la gloria del mundo?
Es gloria vana;
nada tiene de estable,
todo se pasa.

Aspira a lo celeste,
que siempre dura;
fiel y rico en promesas,
Dios no se muda.

Ámala cual merece
bondad inmensa;
pero no hay amor fino
sin la paciencia.

Confianza y fe viva
mantenga el alma,
que quien cree y espera
todo lo alcanza.

Del infierno acosado
aunque se viere,
burlará sus furores
quien a Dios tiene.

Vénganle desamparos,
cruces, desgracias;
siendo Dios tu tesoro
nada te falta.

Id, pues, bienes del mundo;
id dichas vanas;
aunque todo lo pierda,
sólo Dios basta.

Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you,
everything is left behind.
God never changes;
obtains all things;
He who has God
finds he lacks nothing:
God alone suffices.

Elevate your thinking,
go up to heaven,
don't worry about anything,
let nothing frighten you.

Jesus Christ follows
with big chest,
and come what may
let nothing frighten you.

Do you see the glory of the world?
It is vain glory;
nothing is stable,
everything is left behind.

Aspire to the heavenly
that always lasts;
faithful and rich in promises,
God never changes.

Love it what it deserves
immense kindness;
but there is no fine love
without patience.

Trust and living faith
keep the soul,
who believes and hopes
reaches everything.

From hell hounded
although he is seen,
will mock his fury
he who has God.

Come helpless,
crosses, misfortunes;
God being your treasure
you lack nothing.

Go, then, goods of the world;
Go vain joys;
even if I lose everything,
God alone is sufficient.


20th Festival Latinoamerican Music. Caracas, May 13, 2018
Fedora Alemán Hall of the National Center for Social Action through Music
Javier Vidal (reciter) and Mariantonia Palacios (piano)