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During the recording session of the Fantasía contrahecha
(Madrid, April 25, 2022)

Fantasía contrahecha / Counterfeited fantasy

For oboe, violin, double bass and percussion

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With the name of "REMIX", the pedagogical project "Adopt a musician" of the socio-educational program of the National Orchestra of Spain, directed and coordinated by Juanjo Grande and Rogelio Igualada, developed during the first months of 2022 a training activity around the interpretation in February of the same year of my Fantasy on a Fantasy by Alonso Mudarra, under the direction of David Afkham, within the 2021-2022 season.
Based on melodic, harmonic and formal materials from my work -and, therefore, from Mudarra's Fantasia X (which counterfeits the harp in the manner of Ludovico), the music teachers of three Secondary Education Institutes of the Community of Madrid (Susana Figueroa -Humanes-; Remedios Espert -Santa Eugenia-; and Rafael Castro -“Severo Ochoa” from Alcobendas-), together with Diego San Antonio Pérez, professor at the “Princesa Sofía” Public School of Special Education, developed with his students for several weeks and under the tutelage of four teachers from the National Orchestra of Spain (Raquel Areal -violin-; José Mª Ferrero -oboe-; Guillermo Sánchez -double bass-; and Antonio Martín -percussion-) a training project whose results came to me as they progressed in the form of scores, audios and videos.
The project was completed with the invitation made to me by the coordinators of "Adopt a Musician" to compose a small work out of the materials created by teachers, tutors and students. And just as Mudarra "provoked" me to write my Fantasy, and that this had served as a starting point for work in the Music classrooms of Secondary Schools, the new ideas thus generated served as the impetus for a new work. , all forming an endless cycle of stimuli and responses in a permanent feedback process, and providing me with one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my entire professional life.
In this way, in March 2022 Fantasía Contrahecha emerged, in which two contrasting sections are organized on a Renaissance harmonic sequence -reflective the first one, and playful the second playful- that take as a starting point Mudarra's material, my own and the one generated in the classrooms, in an attempt to create a fresh and spontaneous music, free from the weight of all the centuries of tradition that occur in it.

With the musicians and the team, at the end of the recording session of the
Fantasía contrahecha

In April 2022, the teachers-tutors of the ONE “Adopt a Musician” program mentioned above recorded all the music created in this way, spreading it in audiovisual format through the website of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain: http ://ocne.mcu.es/ASE/adoptar-un-musico
The score is dedicated to the project "Adopt a musician" National Orchestra of Spain.

First page of the Fantasía contrahecha


I. Introduction

II. Fantasía contrahecha

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(Score and parts withoout watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )