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Harpsichordist Genoveva Gálvez

Due essercizi

For Harpsichord

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The Due essercizi were composed in June 1989 at the request of their dedicatee, the harpsichordist Genoveva Gálvez, of whom I was a disciple for four years at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, and to whom I owe much of my interest in the harpsichord repertoire, both ancient and contemporary, the result of which is a concert for harpsichord and chamber orchestra, entitled Variations and variances on themes by Boccherini, from 1988, these Due essercizi, from 1989, and the harpsichord sonata entitled L'art d'ĂȘtre touché par le clavecin, from the year 2000.
Everything in the Due essercizi freely recreates environments and procedures related to the golden age of the harpsichord: from its title, in which the reference to Domenico Scarlatti is evident, to the character of each of the two short movements that it consists of. The first, entitled "Præludium", is based on the controlled randomness that -nihil novum sub sole - is already found in Louis Couperin's "free" Preludes: the notes are carefully written, but not rhythmically organized, so it depends exclusively of the interpreter its definitive distribution in periods and phrases that can vary from one interpretation to another.

One of Louis Couperin's Free Preludes (1626-1661)

First page of the Præludium of the Due essercizi

The second movement, entitled "Sonata", is structured in the bipartite form characteristic of the famous Scarlatti sonatas (repetitions of each section included), as well as reflecting some of the typical technical procedures (hand crossings, big jumps and keyboard changes) that make them the culminating point of harpsichord literature of all time.

First page of the Sonata of the Due essercizi

The Due essercizi were premiered on February 2, 1991 at the Villa de Madrid Cultural Center by Genoveva Gálvez, and have been recorded and published twice: the first recording, by María Teresa Chenlo, was included in 2008 in the CD "José Luis Turina. A portrait", with which the BBVA Foundation's "Spanish and Latin American Composers of Current Music" collection was inaugurated; the second was performed by Silvia Márquez, and was part of the CD "Herbania (20th. century Spanish music for harpsichord) ", published by the IBS Classical label in 2019.

Cover of the CD José Luis Turina. A portrait (2008)

Cover of the CD Herbania (20th. century spanish music
for harpsichord)


Recording: Silvia Márquez

I. Præludium (fragment)

II. Sonata (fragment)

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