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The Sonor Ensemble

Burlesca / Burlesque

For Clarinet, String Quintet and Piano

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The period of close collaboration with the Sonor Ensemble through its promoter and director, Luis Aguirre, started in 2011 with the composition of Danzas entrelazadas (Intertwined dances), for flute, clarinet, percussion and piano sextet, and continued in 2013 with the work for voice (or clarinet) and piano sextet Callada partida (Silent leaving), closes in 2015 with Burlesque, written for clarinet and piano sextet.
Conceived in a single movement, the Burlesque is a work that gradually takes shape as the nature of the exposed material in "background" or "figure" is defined, reaching moments in which elements that seemed to have a certain momentum acquire their definitive importance as mere forms of accompaniment, gradually appearing and taking shape a thematic idea that will be the true protagonist (which reaches its most decisive point in the final section, when it ends up becoming the "subject" of a fugato), giving meaning to the uncertainty of all the previous discourse, which at all times has been articulated with a scherzante character, appropriated on the other hand to the title of the piece.

Program of the premiere of Burlesque (Badajoz, October 26, 2015)

Burlesque was written between the months of January and May 2015, and its premiere took place on October 26, 2015 at the Extremaduran and Ibero-American Museum of Contemporary Art in Badajoz, within the VII Cycle of Current Music of the National Center for Musical Diffusion. (CNDM). The premiere was given by the Sonor Ensemble, dedicatee of the work, under the direction of its main conductor, Luis Aguirre.

The Sonor Ensemble, greetimg after the premiere of Burlesque (Badajoz, October 26, 2015)

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Recording: Sonor Ensemble (Dir.: Luis Aguirre)
Pre-premiere in the Festival COMA 2015 (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. Madrid, October 17, 2015)


Manuel de Falla Hall of the Royal Conservatory of Music.
Madrid, 1November 10, 2015
Sonor Ensemble (Dir.: Luis Aguirre)

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(Complete score and parts without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )