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Double-bass player Carlos Méndez


For solo Double-bass

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Written between the months of June and July 2001 at a request of double bass player Carlos Méndez, to whom it is dedicated, to be premiered at the inaugural concert of the music area of the Center of Contemporary Art of Vigo, held on December 16, 2001, this Partita for solo double bass consists, similar to the partitas for unaccompanied instruments of the Baroque, of a succession of brief independent or relatively linked pieces, organized according to criteria of contrast and complementarity.

Program of the premiere of Partita
(Vigo, December 16, 2001)

The five movements that follow one another in this case begin with a "Preamble" (Moderato solenne), in which a progressive conquest of the highest register of the instrument is proposed from its lowest region, to which it returns again and again, configuring in this an alternation of ascending and descending almost arpeggiated figures that separate the most singable and melodic ones of the high zone, whose expansion is organized from a locrian scale ascending from the note C.

First page of the first movement of Partita

The lyrical-dramatic nature of this first movement, as well as the absence of a defined meter, always annulled by a general rubato, are contrasted by a "March" (Allegro deciso) in which the rhythmic game is combined with the timbre, in an scherzante alternation of bow and pizzicati.

First page of the second movement of Partita

The third movement of the Partita is constituted by an "Aria" (Adagio dolente), in which all the interest is focused on the expressive and singable possibilities of the instrument, especially in its medium-high registers.

First page of the third movement of Partita

The pizzicati with which it concludes serve as a preparation for the "Burlesque" (Animato scherzando), which must be performed entirely without the bow, and whose scherzante character must be achieved through both pulsation of the strings and blows with the knuckles, nails and fingertips of both hands on the different parts of the instrument.

First page of the fourth movement of Partita

The Partita concludes with a "Final" (Allegro deciso) of great difficulty and virtuosity, in which fragments from the four previous movements are inserted, very briefly and summarized.

First page of the fifth movement of Partita


I. Carlos Méndez (premiere of the original version for five strings Double-bass)

Santiago de Compostela, Church of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, June 22, 2008. Concert held within the 3rd edition of the "Via Stellae" Festival (Compostela e os seus camiños)

I. Preámbulo

II. Marcha

III. Aria

IV. Burlesca

IV. Final

II. Marc Sirera (version four strings Double-bass)

Amsterdam, Sweelincksaal of the Conservatory, June 7, 2023. End of Master recital.

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Version of Partita para four strings Double-bass

Version of Partita para five strings Double-bass