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¡Ya «uté» ve...! / You already see...!

For Piano

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Written in January 1982 commissioned by the General Direction for Music and Theater of the Ministry of Culture, and dedicated to the memory of Joaquín Turina in commemoration of the first centenary of his birth, ¡Ya "uté" ve...! (You already seeā€¦!) is based on a thematic design used by the composer with the same name, recalling the figure of María Ortega, waitress at the "Nueva España" cafe in Madrid, where Turina was going to prepare her exams for the Conservatory and where she wrote the pianistic work Recuerdos de mi rincón, in which said thematic design is the main protagonist, later used it in the piece La Morena Coqueta, from the Spanish Women series.

From the manuscript of Recuerdos de mi rincón, op. 14, by Joaquín Turina

This design, which in Joaquín Turina's original is based on a descending fifth, has been modified in ¡Ya "uté" ve...! in the form of a minor seventh, sprinkling the piece at its beginning, end, and climax.

¡Ya "uté" ve...! is structured in two sections, one lyrical and mysterious, and the other fast and jovial, closing with a short coda, a reminder of the first section. Except for the anecdotal reference to which I have made mention, there is no other allusion to the music of Joaquín Turina in the piece, so the tribute wants to have a more meaningful and personal character than that provided by the mere quote or the imitation of a foreign spirit and technique.
¡Ya "uté" ve...! was premiered on January 19, 1983 in the Assembly Hall of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Seville by the composer and pianist Manuel Castillo, within the commemorative acts of the centenary of the birth of Joaquín Turina, being later included in the published Tribute Book by the General Direction for Music and Theater of the Ministry of Culture, along with eighteen other pianistic pages composed for that occasion by as many Spanish composers.

Cover of the program of the premiere of ¡Ya «uté» ve...! (January 19, 1983)


Rcording: Carlos Galán

First page of ¡Ya «uté» ve...!

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