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Manuel Ruano Sánchez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1933)

Siete cánones / Seven canons

a) For three Guitars

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The Seven Canons were composed in 1995, at the proposal of the organizing committee of an act that was to be held a few months later in homage to Manuel Ruano Sánchez (1), an indispensable figure in the dissemination of Spanish culture and music in Germany, artistic agent of numerous Spanish and foreign guitarists, and director of the collection “Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Music for Guitar” of Editorial Alpuerto, in which in 1994 my work Copla de cante jondo was published with number 7.
For this tribute, centered entirely on guitar music, some composers were asked to compose a very short work, lasting about two or three minutes, which would be premiered by performers represented by him and who would perform both solo and in small chamber ensembles.
This is how these Siete Cánones arose, written for a group of three guitars whose tuning differs on the sixth string (E on the first, E flat on the second and D on the third). The work is structured in seven very short sections, in each of which various materials are exposed that are elaborated in the form of a canon by the three instruments.
For different reasons, the tribute to Manuel Ruano -to whom the work is naturally dedicated- was never celebrated, the Seven canons remaining unpublished at the time of writing these notes (July 2020).

(1) Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1933, Manuel Ruano Sánchez practiced journalism in his hometown until 1959, residing from that date in Barcelona, Marseille, Paris, Geneva, Lausanne and finally in Frankfurt, where he was chairman of the disappeared Spanish Center and later first director of the House of Spain. In that position he carried out numerous activities, all of them related to the cultural promotion of Spanish culture in all its artistic branches: painting exhibitions, tours of Spanish theater companies and, above all, hundreds of concerts with Spanish music. He was also the artistic representative of a large number of pianists and, above all, guitarists. He has developed a large part of his career as a playwright, highlighting his plays Nachspiel, premiered at the Frankfurt Chamber Theater, and Four Dishonest Stories (Tenerife, 2009).

First page of the Siete cánones for three guitars

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(Score without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )