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Portada de la revista "El Correo" de la UNESCO
dedicada al Año Internacional de la Paz (agosto de 1986)

Amb "P" de Pau / With "P" for Pau

For Piano

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It is a short piece, in a very free form, in which the main thematic element is an ascending melodic turn that, through a series of interval changes (fifths, first, then fourths, later thirds) ends up being symbolically transformed in the first notes of the popular melody "El cant dels ocells", inseparable from the figure of Pau Casals, to whose memory the work is dedicated. The central section of the piece is made up of a presto based entirely on the repetition of a twelve-tone series, which is progressively subjected to a process of sound elimination.

Final fragment of de Amb "P" de Pau

Amb "P" de Pau (With "P" for Peace) is, in Catalan, a play on words that cannot be translated into Englisch ("Pau" means both "peace" and "Pablo"). My intention is to evoke the idea of peace through the figure of Casals, who was, with his music and his deeds, one of the staunchest defenders of it at a time when, sadly, he has shone by its absence.
This piece was written at the request of the pianist Albert Nieto, destined to be part of a program made up of a series of works written in commemoration of the "International Year of Peace", which took place throughout 1986, by various Spanish composers: Alfredo Aracil, Benet Casablancas, Manuel Castillo, Juan José Falcón, Carles Guinovart, Francisco Ibáñez, Antón Larrauri, Francisco Llácer Pla, Tomás Marco, Josep Soler, Francesc Taverna-Bech, and myself.

Pianist Albert Nieto

The twelve works composed for this purpose were premiered by Albert Nieto at the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao on October 19, 1987, and included in 1988 on the Elkar label LP "Música por la paz". Some of the works from that LP, Amb "P" de Pau among them, were part of the CD "El piano actual", performed by Albert Nieto and published in 1995 by the Edicions Nova Era label.

Cover of the LP Música por la Paz (Elkar, 1987)

Cover of the CD El piano actual (Edicions Nova Era, 1995)


Recording: Albert Nieto

First page of Amb "P" de Pau

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(Score without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )