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The Sonor Ensemble

Danzas entrelazadas / Intertwined Dances

For Flute, Clarinet, String Quartet (or Quintet), Piano and Percussion

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These Intertwined Dances are called like they are called and are like they are because they are born taking into account the rest of the program that they would share in their premiere: a set of music from/about dances, sometimes very stylized, but always with a strong connection in popular music. From the dances of Falla's El amor brujo to the Romanian Dances by Bartók, going through an instrumentation by Ligeti of a group of Hungarian ballroom dances, my Dances intend to serve as a complement to a playfully conceived program, and for this reason they not only do not reject, rather they fully assume a character of "entertainment", easy and direct. But the apparent friendliness of the listener hides, deep down, a great structural complexity, since the dances do not follow one after the other, but alternate, juxtapose, overlap... they intertwine, in short, in different ways.
In a first movement, the stanzas of two different tangos alternate rigorously, provoking contrasts of texture and character. A snare drum solo connects with the second movement, Pot-pourri, in which a classic pasodoble, a stylized waltz and a free dance, with a complex metric and difficult to classify, are interwoven in different ways, demanding an effort from the listener's perception to reconstruct through memory what is offered in a fragmented way.
The Intertwined Dances were written at the request of the National Center for Musical Diffusion between the months of May and October 2011, and are dedicated to the Sonor Ensemble, under whose charge and conducted by its director, Luis Aguirre, were premiered at the Auditorium 400 of the "Reina Sofía" Museum in Madrid, in May 2012.

Program of the premiere of Intertwined Dances

First page of the Two Tangos from Intertwined Dances

First page of the Pot-pourri from Intertwined Dances


Recording: Sonor Ensemble (Dir.: Luis Aguirre)

I. Dos tangos

II. Pot-pourri (grabación en baja calidad)


Premiere: Auditorium 400 of the "Reina Sofía" Museum. Madrid, May 21, 2012
Sonor Ensemble (Dir.: Luis Aguirre)

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(Complete score and parts without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )