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The duo formed by pianist Miriam Gómez-Morán
and the French horn player Javier Bonet

Consolación / Consolation

For French Horn and Piano

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Consolación (Consolation) was born from a request by the duo formed by Miriam Gómez Morán and Javier Bonet to be part of a CD with works composed for them by various Spanish composers.
Composed between the months of June and July 2018, it is a piece in a single movement in which a series of strongly contrasting sections alternate, intended to highlight the multiple resources of the French horn-piano duo, ranging from lyrical to the violent, going through the rhythmic and through passages of an openly scherzante character. In the central part, as well as in the closing section, there is a fleeting quote from a fragment of Franz Liszt's Consolation No. 2, first in a minor mode and finally in its original form in B major.

Beginning of Franz List's Consolation No. 2

Liszt's quotation in the final section of Consolación

A work of great difficulty, in keeping with the technical capabilities of the performers, Consolación was premiered at the Palau de la Música in Valencia on March 27, 2019 by Miriam Gómez Morán and Javier Bonet, to whom it is dedicated.
In June 2021, the IBS Classical label published the CD "New Paths", which includes the recording of ConsolaciĆ³n, performed by its dedicates along with the other works commissioned for this project.

Cover and back cover of the CD "New Paths", in which the
recording of Consolación is included (IBS Classical, 2021)

First page of Consolación


Recording: Miriam Gómez-Morán (piano) and Javier Bonet (French horn)
Fragment of the CD "New Paths" (IBS Classical 2021)
Recording made at the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada in March 2020


Fragment of Consolación included in the promotional video of the CD "New Paths"
Recorded by the IBS Classical label at the Manuel de Falla Auditorium
Granada, March 2020

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(Score and part without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )