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The Spanish Brass "Luur Metalls", circa 2005

Cinco Quintetos / Five Quintets

For Brass Quintet

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These Five Quintets were written in the winter of 2005 commissioned by the Center for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music, destined to be premiered within the Alicante International Contemporary Music Festival.
Both conceptual and technically they form part of a block in my catalog made up of a duet for cello and piano (1988), a trio for violin, cello and piano (2003), and a quartet for four corni di bassetto (1994), which are entitled Two Duets, Three Trios and Four Quartets, respectively. It goes without saying that the block remains open awaiting possible future combinations for six, seven, eight or more instruments, and that its unitary nature, which unifies it as a differentiated block, is the technique of variation (in a broad sense, of course) applied to the combinations given by the number of instruments in the grouping in question, which inspires and sustains the entire formal construction, from the basic elements to the most elaborate sections.
Thus, if in the Two Duets the second of them is an ornamental variation (hence its title, Double) of the first (Duo), in the Three Trios there are three sections that follow one another, each of which varies from the previous one. tripling its duration, with which the third and last one is nine times longer and denser than the first one. In the Four Quartets, for its part, the content of the four sections of which it consists equally distributes the material thus varied through the four identical instruments of the ensemble.
These Five Quintets start from a similar idea, presenting a five-fold development of different elements that, after being progressively varied, make up five different sections that are presented in full in the last part of the piece. Each section has its own defined personality (ranging from speed to timbre, going through attacks, dynamics, and all sorts of harmonic and melodic aspects), so the fragmented and developing presentation of each one raises great difficulties, derived from the frequent and sometimes abrupt changes of tempo and character that follow one another.

Program of the premiere of the Five Quintets
(Alicante, 2September 28, 2005)

The Five Quintets were composed between La Coruña, Madrid and León between the months of January and April 2005, and are dedicated to the Spanish Brass Luur Metalls, who was in charge of the premiere at the Sala Arniches in Alicante on September 28, 2005, within the 21st International Festival of Contemporary Music.
In 2006, the Five Quintets were included in the CD "Gaudí'um", recorded by the Spanish Brass "Luur Metalls" for the Anacrusi label.

Cover of the CD "Gaudí'um" (Anacrusi, 2006)

Recording: Spanish Brass "Luur Metalls" (fragment)

First page of the Five Quintets

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(Score and parts without watermarks available at www.asesores-musicales.com )